Founded by Justin Reyes, JREY Productions is one of the hardest-working video and photo production firms in the tri-state area.




Justin Reyes - Cinematographer /


“I'm a New York native that's all about the moment. To capture a specific moment wether it be excitement, happiness, peace or that feeling you get before a huge drop on a rollercoaster is what I aim for. Let's make our wildest dreams into reality!”


Tatiana Rivera -

Producer / Gaffer

“I began my interest in lighting through theater where I took what I learned from the stage to film sets. I had the opportunity to work with several companies like Lue Reda Productions, Visual Star Media, Shadow and Sound working on Indie films and music videos. During that time I developed skills in video production shooting, editing, directing, producing, creative development and motion graphics. I pursued my passion in lighting while producing on the side which led me to team up with JreyProductions.”